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Oklahoma State University


Department of Public Safety

3rd Annual Training Summit

The OSUPD is hosting multiple CLEET accredited courses taught by instructors from across the state. All courses are taught independently; take one course or a week of courses.


The Oklahoma State University campus is protected by a fully accredited law enforcement agency consisting of 33 sworn officers, 12 support persons, and 21 student employees. The agency is operated and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Authority of the sworn officers is derived from state statutes, which allow for full police powers on OSU property. In addition, by agreement with the City of Stillwater, campus police and city police enjoy an excellent working relationship. All campus police officers undergo an extensive selection process and meet state mandated training requirements.


OSU Police Patch - "Oklahom's Firest Accredited Agency O.A.C.P. 1890"


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